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PURLINE Bioboden wineo 1000

Natural talent for your home

wineo Bodenbelag Holzfußboden Mann Frau Sessel Teller mit Essen Weingläser Wohnzimmer

PURLINE Bioboden wineo 1000

Best ingredients for carefree use

PURLINE Bioboden wineo 1000

Best ingredients for the perfect flooring experience

Best ingredients for sustainable living

Do you want your home to be a natural, healthy environment? Then you should remove as many harmful substances from your house as possible. The right place for healthy PURLINE floors with ecuran which is predominantly made from vegetable oils and naturally occurring mineral elements.

In addition to the outstanding properties with respect to sustainability and longevity, the wineo 1000 collection also offers you a comprehensive choice of designs and formats.

wineo 1000 at a glance

  • For gluing and clicking in
  • 20 attractive wood decors in plank format
  • 8 modern stone decors in tile format
  • Utilization classes: 23/32 for heavy-duty domestic use and for normal use in the commercial sector.

Strong, convincing features

wineo 1000 is a floor covering that goes the extra mile to meet all the demands of a sustainable product. A real all-rounder that is easier to look after and more wear-resistant.

wineo PURLINE Bioboden Verlegung Renovierung Wohnung Familie

Klick with wineo 1000. This flooring is perfect for renovations.

Suitable for damp areas

In the kitchen or bathroom: PURLINE organic flooring shows its best side in every situation.

Suitable for underfloor heating

More comfort: Installed over underfloor heating, the organic flooring provides additional cozy warmth.

Warm to the feet

The organic flooring feels pleasantly warm and is perfect for lounging, playing and living.

Easy care

The polyurethane surface makes the organic flooring easy to clean.

Gentle to the ankles

Health-conscious: The elastic surface is gentle on the joints.


The tested surface ensures safety with every step.


Even when exposed to sunlight: The organic flooring doesn't fade with exposure to sunlight.


wineo organic flooring is resistant to staining. Even furniture and chair castors leave no trace.